You Can Choose to Grow Where You Are

You can choose to Grow where you are. Right Now! Yes, within your own set of bad and uncomfortable circumstances.

Or, You can wait till, well, till all the stars line up exactly how you envisioned it. You can choose to wait another month, another year, another decade. You can choose to wait till the children are grown. Till You are retired.

Till He changes. Till you lose the weight. Till you look like 20 again…Till, Till Till…..

I know you feel like your life has been a mess for a long time. I know you feel Tired and Overwhelmed and underappreciated. Even in your own family. But here is the thing. No one gets to define your life but you! That is the saddest part of most of our story.

We wait for all kinds of external things to be right. We complain, and we sound like a broken record to those that have to listen to us complain. And yet, at some point, the only time change takes place is when we decide to change.

No one is coming to rescue you. No one is going to give you permission. The people that we hold responsible for our unhappiness are the ones who mostly benefit from our dysfunction. We continue to support them in their needs and neglect ourselves and stop growing at our demise. So don’t expect them to change and fix things.

But you are the only one that can fix things. You are the only one that has to do the work to shift what you are doing. You are responsible for your journey.

When are you going to recognize that?

Ask yourself, “If nothing changes, what will my life look like in 5 or 10 years?

Will I be living the most empowered and happy years of my life?

Would I be proud of what I have accomplished?

Would I be happier than I ever was?

Would my kids be proud of me?

Would I like what I have become?

Look, don’t kid yourself. Life is tough. For all of us. But the trick to a tough life is making small changes over time to ensure that you are on a different trajectory over time.

And the #1 best time to start was yesterday, or the day you recognized your life was messy. But yesterday is gone. And there is nothing you can do by looking back at all the opportunities that slipped by.

And the 2nd best time to start is NOW! RIGHT NOW!

Not when all the stars are lined up in your favor. Take the 5-day “Woman of Power” Masterclass to get unstuck and move to the new empowered life you deserve.

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